Why are they called “catpigs”?

When I designed my first catpig, Walt, he was actually intended to just be a regular cat. But I accidentally flipped one of his ears, forgot about the seam allowance when embroidering his face, and made his neck too wide for the rest of his head. So the result was something that resembled a cat, but with a hint of pig (see below). Over time I improved the design to completely remove any pig-like characteristics, and have even made bunnies, bears, people, and other non-cat creations, but the name just stuck. Now, all my 40cm dolls are called “catpigs”.

Walt | Bashful Creations | Catpig
Meet Walt, my very first catpig.


Do you have an online shop?

At the moment, no, but I am looking into opening one soon.


How can I order one of your Bashful Creations?

You can get in touch with me via Instagram or leave a comment with your email address on your favourite Bashful Creations post and I will get back to you.